“Others have used 100's charts in various ways to help teach math, but the Wonder Number Learning System takes it to a much more sophisticated level with a consistent system of identification that can gradually advance in difficulty as children are ready to learn new topics.”

- Cathy Duffy

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“Grasping and understanding the concept of mathematics becomes a wonderfully fun and enjoyable experience through Mr. Brown's brilliant coalescence of colors, shapes, and simple mathematical terminology. Using the Wonder Number method, students can retain more information in a comfortable atmosphere, which results in better understanding and retention.”

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“A Ventura County family is marketing a creative educational game called Wonder Number. It's designed to help and motivate students in grades K-8 who are having problems with math concepts.”

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The Wonder Number Learning System has received numerous endorsements from parents and from educational leaders from across the country.  Here are a few of those comments:

“I have been home schooling for over ten years and prefer to teach the basics of mathematics with manipulatives and games. I love Wonder Number. I am excited about the prospect of using Wonder Number to provide many hands-on lessons to my seven children.

  - Kimberli, West Plains, MO

Wonder Number is the singularly most effective learning system that I have ever seen.  I have worked for a variety of publishers and companies, and Wonder Number stands above them all. In reviewing the revised and improved system, I found myself getting as excited about the program as I was the first time it was shown to me many years ago.  The Teaching Guide makes the various lessons easily accessible for both parents and teachers.  With each lesson being backed up by the CD it becomes a wonderful teaching package."

     - Nick Johnson, Classroom Math Trainer

“One of the unique things about Wonder Number is that it can be used at a variety of grade levels.  This is very unusual because most instruments of this kind are designated for a particular grade level.

     - D. Blake, PhD Education

Wonder Number is an excellent device for students to learn.  It gives children a chance to work with numbers, understand the concept of numbers and to know that numbers work in different ways.”

     - N. Suenaka, Elementary School Principal

“I have used the Wonder Number Learning System and found it to be most effective for children.  It is exciting and the children are enthused.  I find it enjoyable to work with and I am enthused about it.”

  - D. Woomer, Magnet School Teacher

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