The Wonder Number Lessons

The Wonder Number Learning System includes sixteen lessons that will help students learn math concepts from basic counting to simplifying fractions. We must emphasize again that before you attempt to teach the lessons, you have to play the games first. The reason the system works is that when children are familiarized with the board and its contents through game playing, they find it easier to grasp the concepts being introduced in the lessons. Students are more receptive to learning from a game they have already had fun playing.

One of the distinct advantages of this system is its adaptability to nearly all levels of learning. The same Wonder Number Board being used to teach basic counting numbers in kindergarten is used to teach probability in middle school. One enthusiastic teacher said, “In a way, it is almost like a deck of playing cards. You can use the same deck to play a simple child’s game like ‘Go Fish’ and a highly sophisticated and complex game such as Contract Bridge.”

The Wonder Number Learning System can supplement any math curriculum. Use the worksheets from your curriculum to practice on the Wonder Number Board.  All sixteen of the lessons contained in the Teaching Guide are demonstrated step-by-step on the instructional DVD.

  1. Basic Counting
  2. Comparison
  3. Addition – Single Digit
  4. Addition – Double Digit
  5. Subtraction – Single Digit
  6. Subtraction – Double Digit
  7. Patterning
  8. Multiples and Factors
  9. Multiplication
  10. Primes and Composites
  11. Squares
  12. Division – No Remainder
  13. Division – With Remainder
  14. Simplifying Fractions
  15. Least Common Denominator
  16. Goldbach’s Conjecture

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