The History
of the
Wonder Number
Learning System

The Wonder Number Learning System was created by a young schoolteacher named Melbourne T. (Tom) Brown back in the early 1970’s. After unsuccessfully searching a multitude of teaching catalogs and education stores to find something to help his students who were struggling with basic math concepts, he decided to create his own game.

The Wonder Number Learning System is not just another math tool; it is a unique and revolutionary approach to reaching students in an exciting and fun way. In 1976, Tom Brown received a U.S. Patent for the Wonder Number Game.

He and his wife Deanna both used it in their classrooms and saw how really effective it was. The beauty of the system, then and now, is not only does it make learning math easier for children, but it lets them have fun while doing so.

More than thirty years after its invention the Wonder Number Learning System has been completely updated to make it simpler than ever for parents and teachers to use the system to introduce and reinforce math concepts from basic counting to simplifying fractions.

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