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The Wonder Number Board Has It All!

Numbers 1-10 have their own specific color to make identifying patterns and factors simple!


Details of the Wonder Number Board

When you look closely, the first thing you will notice about the Wonder Number Board is that it's a hundreds chart that has been enhanced with colors and shapes to highlight many of the concepts commonly difficult for children to learn and comprehend.

Each of the numbers from 1 to 10 in the top row has been assigned a color. Whenever one of these numbers is a factor of another number, you will find that colored number in a consistent place throughout the board (see colored numbers, 1-10, at top above). This patterning enables children to understand in a strong visual way that all multiples are made up of various factors. The top row of numbers also features an array of dots in the lower right hand corner of each block which corresponds to the individual number.

Next, you will notice all of the prime numbers have a circle around them. The circles highlight the fact that prime numbers are divisible only by one and themselves.

This is a concrete illustration of a tough concept that is crucial to success in all levels of mathematics from basic math to calculus. For example, the number 71 has a circle around it and only two factors, 1 and 71.

Take a look at the number 78. 78 has a number of different factors which are shown in pairs. If you multiply the numbers in the pairs together, they equal 78. For example, 1 x 78 = 78, 2 x 39 = 78, 3 x 26 = 78, and 6 x 13 = 78. Every number on the board has all their factors listed in their block, and their placement is consistent throughout the board. This makes it easy for even young children to find and identify the numbers.

All numbers which are perfect squares have a square around them the same color as their square root. Now look at number 49. The square root of 49 is 7. Sevens are color-coded orange, so 49 has an orange square around it. This information is reinforced by the factor pair listing of 7 x 7 on the bottom row of the block.

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